Undergraduate Teacher Education Program Applications:


The undergraduate teacher education programs at SIUE require a separate program application, in addition to applying to SIUE (link to: http://www.siue.edu/apply/) and declaring one’s major (link to: http://www.siue.edu/registrar/class/declaring.shtml).  Students should contact their School of Education Student Services Office advisor for advice on when one should apply to the intended programs.  Many programs are competitive and late applicants may not be considered. 


 Early Childhood Education

Elementary Education

Special Education (Closed)

               Secondary Education  

 Students apply to the program with a CI315A application (link to http://www.siue.edu/education/field.shtml), submitted two semesters prior to student teaching. 



Any questions about the applications should be directed to the School of Education Student Services Office office at School of Education Student Services Officehelpdesk@siue.edu or 618-650-3940.