School of Education, Health and Human Behavior


Application Deadline for Fall 2015 Student Teaching is Friday, January 30, 2015

 Congratulations on reaching this important milestone in your education!  This application is the first step in the student teaching application process.  Each of the forms plays an important role in the process of securing your final placement.  Failure to complete all forms could jeopardize your placement.  Applications have strict deadlines and late applications may not be accepted in School of Education, Health and Human Behavior Student Services Office. 

 Below is a complete listing of the documents that will comprise your Student Teaching Application Packet.  Carefully read the instructions on each form.  You will need to submit all forms, with the exception of the TB Verification Form, by the above deadline.

             Student Teaching Application:  Student teaching candidates (Click here)

            Student Profile Sheet

♦    Art, Music, and Speech Pathology.

♦    Secondary Education students who took CI 315a DO NOT need to complete the student profile sheet.

♦    The profile sheet must be typed according to the directions and an original submitted to School of Education, Health and Human Behavior Student Services Office by the application deadline.

            Authorization of Eligibility

♦    SECONDARY ED and SPEECH PATH students only: Your major advisor must sign off verifying your eligibility to student teach.  Please allow adequate time to secure the required signature.  This must be turned into School of Education Student Services Office by the application deadline. Your School of Education, Health and Human Behavior Student Services Office advisor does not need to sign this form.

♦    All other students may skip this step.

            TB Test results

♦    Must be completed within 90 days of the start of student teaching.  Do not submit prior to this date.

♦    Early Childhood majors only must have a 2-part TB test.  Please use this form (click here)

♦    All other majors should use this form (click here)

            Content Area Test

♦    Students must have a passing test score on the appropriate content area test before they may begin student teaching. 

♦    Visit for testing information.

♦    Students are encouraged to take the Content Area Test early in the semester prior to student teaching. Students who wait until the last possible test date who do not pass the test will not be allowed to student teach as planned.

 In addition to the forms enclosed, if you are an undergraduate student working towards a degree, please be sure you have applied for graduation.  Applications are available in the Service Center (  Failure to apply for graduation may result in delays in processing your certification and degree posting.  If you are completing a graduate degree, please contact your graduate advisor.

Students will be contacted by e-mail when placements are made.  Student preference for placement is limited to region only and students may not request to be placed in specific schools or with specific teachers.   It is not guaranteed you will be assigned a placement within your regional preference. 

 If you have any questions about your student teaching placement, please contact your advisor.